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Recent Covid-19 News Articles Summaries!

New Scientist: Covid-19 news: One in four patients not getting life-saving treatment


· 25% of people who should receive dexamethasone as treatment are not being given the medicine, according to UK gvt’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies

· Failure to give this treatment has led to 55 deaths

· Dexamethasone- steroid, only known drug that reduces deaths from coronavirus, works by suppressing an overreaction of immune system that can cause damaging inflammation of lungs

BBC Health: Vaccine or no vaccine, we have to get through this first


· Vaccine roll out does not necessarily mean epidemic will be brought to a halt

· Huge logistical exercise in vaccinating large numbers of people

· Infection rates still remain high, UK averaging 20,000 confirmed infections a day

· Unsure how well the vaccine works in elderly, whether it stops people passing it on, how long immunity lasts

Independent: Oxford coronavirus vaccine expected to be easier to roll out than Pfizer jab


· Oxford vaccine expected to be easier to store and distribute throughout UK as compared to Pfizer

· Pfizer Vaccine needs to be kept at -70C up until the day it is used, which could complicate roll out of doses to GP clinics and care homes

· Oxford vaccine can be stored between 2C and 8C, expected to be easier to administer

· Pfizer vaccine also requires two injections spaced 3-4 weeks apart which could further complicate things

· Cost of Pfizer vaccine expected to be 10x higher than Oxford’s

Bloomberg Businessweek: How a Covid-19 Vaccine could end up helping the Virus spread


· If people who get vaccinated remain capable of carrying and transmitting virus, they could contribute to spread of disease

· In early months, when only some people are protected, they could unwittingly spread disease to people who are still vulnerable

· Vaccinated people might stop wearing masks and social distancing because they themselves aren’t at risk anymore

· Unsure if sterilising immunity will be achieved through the vaccine


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