25/10/20- Articles in the news

Interesting articles in the news this week. Key points from the articles can be found below. Click on the links for the full articles!

Covid 19 Updates

The New Scientist: Covid-19 news: Blood Plasma has limited effect, study finds https://www.newscientist.com/article/2237475-covid-19-news-blood-plasma-therapy-has-limited-effect-study-finds/

· Study found that transfusions of blood from recovered Covid-19 Patients did not decrease the progression of the disease nor decrease mortality rate

· In the UK, tests for coronavirus in sewage are being used to predict where new outbreaks might occur

· Antiviral drug remdesivir is the first drug in the US to receive approval for Covid-19 Treatment

· Travellers returning to Australia may be allowed to quarantine at home with a wearable tracking device

Physical Health

Bright Side: Scientists Have Proven that there is no such thing as Healthy Food


· Each person’s reaction to food and how it is processed is dependent on their individual body, not the food. Their reaction is influenced by factors such as their individual microbiome, their physical activity and stress level

· The glucose level in the individual’s body affects the amount we eat and how it is processed

· Understanding what foods are right for your own body

Female Health

BBC News: Menopause, The change no one talks about


· The many symptoms that are associated with Menopause and the little awareness of them by the public

· From September 2020, menopause will be on the school curriculum in England for the first time, increasing education and awareness about the subject

· The connection between mental well-being and menopause

· The need for this struggle of women to be taken seriously, for there to be more literature available for the understanding of menopause, the upskilling of GP practices in the area of menopause

Mental Health

Covid-19 anxiety linked to body image issues


· Study finds that stress and anxiety linked to Covid-19 could be causing body image issues among men and women

· Amongst women, a greater desire for thinness, experiencing anxiety associated with body dissatisfaction.

· Amongst men, a greater desire for muscularity, experiencing anxiety associated with body fat dissatisfaction

· Increased screen time during lockdown meant more exposure to thin or athletic ideals through the media, while decreased physical activity may have heightened negative thoughts about weight

Global Warming

The Independent: Global warming could make viruses harder to kill, study finds


· Increased threat of some infectious diseases, making viruses harder to kill

· Viruses adapted to warmer environments remain infectious for longer

· Increased resistance to disinfectants like chlorine

· Global warming could put more people at risk of infection from swimming or eating foods containing contaminated water


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