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Mental Health

BBC: Body dysmorphia: ‘Bigorexia leading to depression’ in gym-goers


· Bigorexia- is the opposite of anorexia, sees people strive to be bigger

· Causes some young, muscular men to see themselves as small, leading to depression and steroid abuse

· This is heightened by pressures from social media, many photos of big muscular men

· Symptoms include: Worrying obsessively about body image and exercising at the cost of socializing/education

Global Warming

New Scientists: Arctic animals are migrating earlier in the year due to climate change


· Animals unknowingly migrating earlier due to climate change by migrating earlier

· Arctic experiencing worst-known effects of climate change, warms twice as fast as global average

· Earlier birthing times may be risky as there are higher chances of offspring dieing due to the strong storms they may encounter


Covid: Can mass testing save us from another lockdown?


· Testing everyone- even those without symptoms, to root out the virus

· Could be used to stamp out an outbreak, get everyone who tests positive to isolate

· Targeted ways of mass testing: Regular testing in hospitals/ care homes, keep places where virus can spread (schools and universities) open, a one off test before being able to go to the cinema/ football match

· Development of rapid testing Technology (might not be as accurate yet)


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