Book Review: "Dear Life" by Rachel Clarke

This book was actually recommended to me by one of the staff at Waterstones, upon seeing the other books of a similar genre which I had picked up. I’m so glad I decided to get it, because it’s honestly became one of my favourite books so far!

Rachel Clarke is a doctor specializing in palliative medicine. In this book, she describes her journey of how she came to be a palliative care doctor, starting her adult life as a news reporter, before going into medicine. She writes beautifully about how she cares for her patients, helping them to be as comfortable as they can towards the end of their lives. The book shows what it really means to be a doctor, the small actions one can take to make their patients know that they matter and that they are truly cared for.

She gives a brutally honest, heartfelt account of what it means to be alive and what her terminally ill patients feel and treasure as they come to their last few days on earth. It was a refreshing and enlightening perspective, as dying in the hospice setting is something that is often quite a “taboo” topic that most prefer not to think about or discuss. However, her truthful account brings to light that dying in a hospice is not as bad as it seems, but is rather a place that helps you to be as comfortable as you can, when medicine can no longer help you and the patient lets the disease run its course.

I loved reading this book! It was incredibly interesting and was nothing like I’ve ever read before. I’d really recommend it to anyone interested in going into healthcare and those who’re interested in palliative care.


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