Book Review: Do no harm by Henry Marsh

Do no harm by Henry Marsh tells the story of his time as a neurosurgeon, the trials and triumphs he has went through and the organized chaos of being in a modern hospital. With each chapter, he tells us his experience with a different tumour and patient, and the outcomes of the surgery. The book starts of light-hearted, but gradually takes a darker turn as he tells us the trials he has faced and the patients he has lost.

My thoughts

It was painfully honest and incredibly moving, and was a book filled with lots of compassion for his patients. The book really highlighted the fragility of human life and the thin line between life and death. It was a very interesting book as I had not really read much about neurosurgery prior to this book! There were lots of explanations provided about the various medical terms and conditions in the book, so it was very readable and understandable, providing me with more knowledge on the subject.

Something that really struck me from the book was when the author described the trust the patients developed over time in their doctor, trusting them with their lives, even though there were more famous and well-known doctors out there in the world. It really helped me to understand and feel how much of an honour it is and how important it is to form a strong bond with your patient, really working through all their worries with them.

Would really recommend this book to all aspiring medics and those interested in neuroscience! It was really interesting and inspiring.


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