Book Review: The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson

The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson tells the story of her journey through her 20 years of nursing, from a student nurse to a very senior one on her last day. From working in A & E (Accident and Emergency) to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care unit), she vividly describes her experiences.

It was a lovely book to read, leaving me laughing in one moment and crying in the next. She really explained very well what it truly means to be a nurse, and the work that they have to put in. The book is filled with love, for her patients and their families as well as her colleagues.

She really showed how big a role nurses play in a medical team, going above and beyond to care for their patients, making sure that all their needs are met. What really struck me was how she described nursing as translating the language of science to care, explaining slowly to patients the definitions and meanings behind the scientific terms that they were too scared to ask doctors.

“Nursing is not so much about tasks but about how in every detail a nurse can provide comfort to a patient and a family.”

“It is a privilege to witness people at their frailest, most significant and most extreme moments of life, and to have the capacity to love complete strangers.”

I would really recommend this book to all aspiring medics and nurses! It really demonstrates the large role nurses play In a medical team and how important they are. It’s a great read for everyone really, the themes in the book can be relevant to everyone’s life.


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