BSMS Virtual Work Experience

Brighton and Sussex Medical School has provided a free virtual work experience course, for those looking to apply to medical schools. I personally found it extremely useful and informative! The course comprises of 6 modules, The NHS and general practice, Elderly Medicine, Mental Health, Surgery and Inpatient medicine, Emergency Medicine and Palliative Medicine and Communication skills. Each module gave us an insight to the staff and procedures of the department, exhibiting several patient scenarios, where we could analyse the patients' symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

I particularly enjoyed the Emergency Medicine module, that gave us an insight to the way the accident and emergency department worked and the challenges they faced. It was fascinating to learn about how patients were treated and assessed upon entering the Emergency department and I was amazed at the innovative and modern procedures I was exposed to, such as an Angioplasty to treat a Myocardial Infarction.

We also learnt about several communication approaches doctors use to take patient histories and break bad news. This really highlighted the importance of empathy and building a rapport with patients and how being a doctor is so much more than just diagnosing a patient.

I'd highly recommend this program to any aspiring medics or those interested in working in the health sector in the future! It's really an opportunity not to be missed.

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