Medic Mentor Live Virtual Work Experience

With the Covid-19 pandemic, work experience opportunities in hospitals have been few and far between. In light of this, Medic Mentor has partnered with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, a part of NHS University Hospitals Birmingham to provide free virtual live work experience. They use an extremely realistic simulation, with several Doctors volunteering to act out many scenarios.

With the first session having been on the 17th of October, the three-monthly sessions that have occurred so far have been nothing short of interesting and fulfilling! Each work experience day is from roughly 10am-5pm on a Saturday, but time honestly flies by, leaving me excited for the following session and wanting to learn more.

During the day, we get to “sit in” on simulated in person GP consultations, virtual consultations and physical assessments. Each scene is then followed by a thorough explanation of the scenario by the Doctors and nurses who acted it out. This is extremely helpful as we not only get an insight into the Medical environment by seeing it first-hand, but we can also hear interesting stories and insights from the doctors that have experienced it before, allowing us to receive thoughtful guidance about the topic.

There are also sessions on Medical Ethics and the Structure of the NHS, which have exposed me to a myriad of themes to consider in Medicine. These include ethical dilemmas Doctors face and how the four pillars of ethics help them to resolve these issues, organ donation policies, patient confidentiality, Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines, antibiotic stewardship, long term public health and much more!

Throughout the day, participants also have the opportunity to use to ask any questions they’d like, about careers in Healthcare and Medicine applications. These are answered really promptly, and the answers are always very helpful.

This program has given me an incredible opportunity to catch a glimpse into the field of medicine, which I otherwise might not have had because of the pandemic. It was amazing to see the way in which the medical team would work together to look after the “patient”, and it was awe-inspiring to observe the fantastic empathy and communication skills that all the healthcare professionals displayed. It’s really given me a fantastic example to work towards becoming!

If you’re hoping to work in the Healthcare Sector, this program is an opportunity not to be missed. It’s also completely free and very accessible. Sign up here

In addition to this, they also have an online "Get into Medicine" conference (free of charge for Work Experience Students), which goes through what it's like to be a Doctor and provides comprehensive guidance on Medicine UCAS applications. You'll also be able to hear about the experiences of several medical students and find out about more Medic Mentor opportunities. The two programs really go hand in hand as this program can show you how to best apply the work experience you've done to your application. I personally found this conference very helpful! You can register for it here


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