My experience at Dr OJ's Thursday Surgery

I had a great time attending this program! It was really enriching and exposed me to several different specialties in Medicine. The program really made the best out of its online confinements, with many opportunities for participation (Menti quizzes and lots of opportunities to ask questions in the chat) as well as a fantastic virtual simulator of the human body that was used often! There were many chances for us to analyse and think about what was happening to the “patient”, as during the sessions we were able to follow the course of one “patient’s” journey, from taking a history to diagnosing them to discussing treatment options.

What I enjoyed most about the program was being able to contribute my ideas and ask questions regularly! It was amazing how my ideas could be compared with others’ as well as discussed. The Q and A sessions were also always very in depth and helpful. Piecing together the different symptoms that the patient presented with each session to reach a diagnosis was really fun and it inspired me to find out more about each disease that we discussed.

Neurology 5th November

In this session, we learnt about the different parts of the brain and their functions which was very interesting! We were also shown how a neurology exam works and how damage to one part of the brain can affect many different parts of the body. It was very cool to analyse brain scans from the “patient” we were looking at, connecting the information we got from the patient history, the scans and the neurology examination together. After we had reached a diagnosis, we then went over the possible treatment options that the patient could receive, and the lifestyle changes they could make to improve their health as well.

Cardiology 12th November

In this session, we explored the different ways of ways of examining the workings of the heart. Prior to this, I didn’t know that there were so many ways to examine one organ! I also realised how important taking a patient’s history was and understood the breadth of information we could get from the patient from just asking them questions about themselves.

General Surgery 19th November

In this session, we were able to appreciate the broad range of surgery that General surgery encompassed and learnt about what General Surgeons do! We had the opportunity to look at the virtual simulator of the human body, taking a closer look at the inner workings of the body and the connections between different organs.

Infectious Disease 26th November

In this final session, we learnt how to recognize some of the red flags of infectious diseases, the different investigations we could take to find out more as well as the importance of antibiotic ownership. This was particularly interesting for me, in light of the current global climate, drawing the similarities between what I see in the news and what I learnt scientifically during the session.

I’m looking forward to attending more programs like this in the future. Thank you for the amazing experience Dr OJ!


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