My experience at the Biomedicine course in the Young Leaders Programme

Trinity College Melbourne Kathryn Chia Biomedicine
My friends and I at Trinity College Melbourne

In 2019, I really wanted to find out more about Biomedicine aspect of Healthcare and prior to this I had barely spent any time in Melbourne. As such, the Biomedicine Course at the Young Leaders Programme, held in Trinity College Melbourne was the perfect opportunity for me. Throughout the five day course, I was extremely fortunate to experience many hands on activities that intensified my interest in Biomedicine. Along the way, I met many amazing people and forged some lifelong friendships! Do forgive me if my memory is foggy in some areas, I’ll do my best to recount my experience as accurately as I can.

Royal Australian College of Surgeons

Royal Australian College of Surgeons YLP Biomedicine Kathryn Chia

One of my favourite sections of the course was definitely the excursion to the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. It was truly an inspiring experience and it left me in awe of how challenging yet interesting the job of a surgeon must be. I was lucky to try some simple suturing techniques, learning how to tie some basic surgical knots. On top of this, we were able to attempt the basic concepts of keyhole surgery. The manoeuvring of the instruments pushed us to be precise in our movements and I realized how much more difficult it must be for surgeons to do this on a real patient with many delicate organs and blood vessels.

Technology in Biomedicine

YLP Biomedicine Trinity College
me trying out a heart rate and blood pressure monitor

We also had the chance to understand how recent developments in technology were used in the field of BioMedicine. It was really fun to have a Virtual Reality session where we could play around with a 3D heart, looking at it closely from all angles. Furthermore, we were able to experience the different ways in which machines could be used to calculate a patient’s heart rate and blood pressure, even linking it to an excel spreadsheet on a computer! This really enlightened me with regards to how developments in technology can be used to better assess and diagnose patients. I realized how important it was to constantly be learning and adapting, using current developments to best treat patients.


YLP Kathryn Chia Biomedicine
My friend and I at the Dissection workshop

Another highlight of the course was the “Dissections” activity. Seeing organs in real life and being able to inspect them in great detail, identifying each component and tying their structure to their function was fascinating to me. It was an amazing opportunity to experience this and felt very special compared to the diagrams I was used to seeing in textbooks. It really brought the science and theory I had learnt to life!

WEHI research labs

Visiting WEHI research labs was truly an exceptional experience. It was very inspiring to see many passionate individuals researching on diseases, using various methods and lab techniques. I had the opportunity to see firsthand the hard work that goes into developing vaccines and cures for diseases such as Malaria, and the amount of experiments researchers had to conduct. It allowed me to genuinely appreciate the effort put in to help those affected by these diseases.

The course allowed me to interact with many like-minded individuals who were interested in BioMedicine and I loved to get to know people from all around the world! I definitely had plenty of fun getting to know everyone and made many friends. I’d really recommend this course for anyone interested in BioMedicine, Science and becoming a doctor.


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