My experience at the Young Doctor Autumn Internship (InvestIN)

I was extremely fortunate to have been able to attend the Young Doctor Autumn Internship held by InvestIn Education. The 5 day Virtual course, carried out on zoom, really empowered and encouraged me to learn more about a career as a doctor, and myself as an individual. It has definitely motivated me to pursue a career in medicine and work hard towards putting in a good application.

Learning more about Medicine

From learning how to analyse X-rays to understanding the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism, we were pushed to think on our feet and were given many opportunities to share and discuss the thoughts we had. It was an incredible experience diving head first into the field of medicine, opening my eyes to new concepts and diagnoses. I loved the interesting application of Science and Medicine to real people with real lives and every new diagnosis or patient history we went through just got me increasingly eager to find out more.

Medical Ethics Discussions

The Medical Ethics portion of the course really got me thinking about the many different ethical scenarios doctor’s would face that would underline their daily decision making. It challenged me to think about my own morals and principles of right and wrong versus what should be done to act in the patient’s best interest and desires. This undeniably helped me to see the importance of understanding the patient as a whole and assessing what would be best for them in their own particular circumstances.

Life as a doctor

Throughout the course, I was able to gain further insight into the life of a doctor and what it would entail. I understood that despite the many positives of the job, it would not all be sunshine and rainbows and that there were still many harsh realities. As such, one should have a clear motivation and passion for medicine, before deciding on it as a career path. What particularly excited me was the combination of Science and communication with people, as well as the lifelong learning and constant improvement of oneself throughout the job.

Learning about myself

Surprising, the course did not just teach me more about medicine, but enabled me to discover things about myself that I had not known before. From taking patient histories and turning them into diagnoses with the facts I had, I realised how much I loved to listen to others and ask them questions to find out more about themselves. It also brought me great joy to put together symptoms the patient presented with to arrive at a diagnosis.

Help in University Applications

Furthermore, the advice and help I received in my future university application really spurred me on to work hard towards putting together a good application. It also prompted me to think about my motivation for wanting to study medicine and encouraged me to find more work experience opportunities. I was truly inspired by the many Medical students and Doctors which helped to facilitate the course and that participated in the panel discussions and I’m honestly very grateful!

A virtual course

It was an interesting experience doing the entire course online, but I genuinely feel that the best was made from it by all that were involved. I do wish that I could have met the rest of the participants in real life. It would have been amazing to meet so many like-minded individuals and become great friends! I really enjoyed the time we spent communicating in breakout rooms on zoom and I could feel how we all were passionate towards medicine.

Overall, the course truly reinforced my desire to become a doctor, further growing my interest in many aspects of medicine and patient care. It was a wonderful opportunity to discover aspects of medicine I did not know about yet. I would really recommend this course to those who want to find out more about Medicine and are interested in becoming doctors!


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