The Young Doctor's Program, Oxford Summer Academy (Summer 2019)

This course was one of the first Medicine specific work experience program’s I had been to. It provided me with an amazing introduction towards medicine as a subject and life as a doctor. This was also the first time I had stayed in the UK for an extended period of time, with the fantastic opportunity of staying in one of Oxford’s student college’s St Edmund Hall. The exposure I had to student life in England was a really big push factor in provoking me to want to come to the UK to study and live.

One of the biggest highlights of the program for me was the dissection part of the program, where we able to closely examine some animal organs and to learn in more detail about their functions and structures. It was really different from just learning about it from a textbook and was such a special experience to see it firsthand.

It was a great opportunity to meet lots of people from all around the world and I really enjoyed getting to know them all!


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