Virtual opportunities with Socially Distanced Shadowers

Socially Distanced Shadowers is a US based program which provides virtual shadowing opportunities for Premed college students! Follow their Instagram page @sociallydistancedshadowers for more information :)

Even if you’re not planning on going to the US to do medicine, I’d say it’s still a really great opportunity for you to get familiar with the different specialities of medicine. I definitely learnt lots from the two session I’ve gone to so far and I’m looking forward to going for many more!

Psychiatry Residency Shadowing with Dr Natasha Gambhir

It was really inspiring hearing about Dr Gambhir’s journey of getting into medical school. Although she did give us a realistic perspective of what struggles we’d face, she really gave me hope that with enough hard work, achieving our dreams really isn’t that impossible!

She elaborated on the joys and struggles of being a psychiatrist and why she chose to go into the field. It was amazing to hear the holistic care that patients received, with the aim of treating the whole patient, improving their wellbeing. I learnt about the individual treatment plans that each patient would receive and how medicine is so much more than just giving patient’s medications.

The talk really opened my mind to the different medical settings and circumstances Psychiatrists work in and made me realise what an integral role they play in a medical team.

Interventional Radiology Shadowing with Dr Barbara Hamilton

Dr Hamilton brought us through the range of different imaging procedures to obtain images inside the body, giving us various examples of scans and giving us the opportunity to interpret these to diagnose a disease. I found the analysis and thought process really fun! It was so interesting trying to piece together the symptoms the patient had as well as the scans we were shown to reach a conclusion.

So excited for future work shadowing sessions! I can’t wait to learn more :) I’m honestly so grateful for all these free online opportunities available and is definitely one good thing that’s come out of this pandemic.


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